Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem Tour [13 Day Private Trip w/ Nile Cruise]

Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem Tour

Our 13-day Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem Tour is the ultimate Nile Cruise and Stay getaway for anyone who wants to discover the secrets of Ancient Egypt; the timeless magic of Jordan; and spiritual wonder of Jerusalem. Begin your trip in Cairo, visiting the Great Giza Pyramids and more, then board a luxurious 5-Star Nile cruise and enjoy the treasures of the Nile River Valley from Aswan to Luxor.

Catch a flight to Amman in Jordan and join us as we visit some of the very best historical monuments, including Petra, an ancient rock-cut city, and then spend a day in the Holy Land, visiting Jerusalem to see some of the world’s holiest sites. Our Egypt and Jordan Tours that are simply unforgettable.

Customer Review

A truly memorable vacation

In our experience, is definitely a most reliable company, that really does its best to satisfy its customers– perhaps because it depends entirely on the Internet and therefore presumably needs positive reviews like this one. Our tour consisted of the 7-day cruise on the Nile – a magnificent experience for a family – plus two days in Cairo. We were treated like princes all along, always in first-class accommodations, and assisted in everything: even on the days we had set aside to move around on our own, we had a courtesy Egyptian Sim card to call an assistant to act as interpreter, since few speak English in Egypt.

In addition to the bonuses included in the package (such as the precious bottles of ice cold water during transfers), we got all sorts of little bonuses and presents from our guide Zacharias– who deserves a special mention for his vast competence about everything Egyptian and his enormous kindness. My severely disabled daughter got very special attention and enjoyed the experience beyond any expectation. And all this for a very reasonable price. A truly memorable vacation.


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