Egypt Tours from Australia

When you book one of our Egypt Tours from Australia, you are booking so much more than just a vacation in the Land of the Pharaohs. You are booking a potentially life changing travel adventure. All of our Egypt holiday packages from Australia are also fully customizable so no matter what your individual tastes are, you can still enjoy a tour that matches your needs perfectly.

Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, our range of Egypt holidays from Australia has it all. From thrilling desert adventures, to world-class SCUDA diving and 5-Star Nile River cruises, you are guaranteed to find your perfect Nile cruise package right here on our site. Book your dream trip today, or continue reading to find out more.

Classic Egypt Tours from Australia


Nile Cruise and Stay in Hurghada
Egypt Nile Cruise and Stay
Egypt Budget Tour
Egypt Luxury Tour
Best of Egypt Tour

Egypt Luxury Tours from Australia

Luxury Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise - Hot air balloons over the Nile River in Luxor
Deluxe Egypt Tour - Inside the Abu Simbel Temple
Luxury Cairo and Cruise Package - Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Luxury Nile Cruise and Stay - River Nile at sunset in Aswan
Egypt Luxury Private Tour

Our Egypt tours from Australia have all been designed with a few things in common: We try our best to keep them as affordable as we possibly can. We also try to add as much variety as we possibly can. Last but not least, we do everything we can to ensure that all of our Egypt tours from Australia provide our clients with a high level of comfort from beginning to end.

Comfortable Egypt holidays from Australia

Egypt Tours from Australia - Philae Temple

The impressive Philae Temple in Aswan, Upper Egypt

At Arabiya tours, we believe that the personal comfort of our clients is very important. After all, you are going on a holiday that you have been saving for and looking forward to. Sure, there are many backpackers out there who are happy to forfeit comfort and travel on a shoestring budget. However, we cater more for those travelers who do want to travel in comfort.

When you book one of our Egypt holiday packages from Australia, your comfort is guaranteed. For example, we own and maintain an entire fleet of clean and modern air-conditioned vehicles. These are the vehicles that are used for all transfers, tours and road trips throughout your stay in Egypt. Free bottled water is also available in our vehicles. All our drivers are highly experienced, and all of them have been carefully vetted to further guarantee your personal safety and comfort.

Many tour operators provide vague details regarding your accommodation in Egypt. We do not. Instead, we tell our clients and/or potential clients exactly what hotels they will be staying in during their Egypt tours from Australia. We only work with the very best hotel names, including Sheraton, Movenpick, Hyatt and etc. We book our clients into 4 and/or 5 star hotels exclusively. The only exceptions are when you spend time in areas where there are no such hotels. Our Egypt tours from Australia typically don’t include such area unless you book a tour that includes a desert oasis tour.

5-Star Nile River Cruises from Australia

We don’t book our clients into inferior hotels, and neither do we book our clients on inferior Nile River cruises. If you book one of our Egypt holiday packages from Australia that includes a Nile cruise, you can be sure that it will be a 5-Star Nile cruise. The cruise ships which we book our clients onto are all beautifully appointed and have all the services and amenities that you would expect to find at any good hotel.

Niche Egypt Tours from Australia

Most of our Egypt tours from Australia focus primarily on popular historical attractions and Nile River cruises. However, we also have many that cater for a specific niche. Two such examples would be Egypt desert safaris, and Red Sea snorkeling and SCUBA diving trips. Whatever your personal preferences are, it is worth noting that all of our Egypt holiday packages from Australia can be customized and tailored to fit the exact needs of our clients.

Sahara Desert Safaris

Most people wouldn’t associate comfort with desert safaris, but our desert adventures prove otherwise. To begin with, the vehicles used for our desert tours are all modern and fully equipped air-conditioned 4×4 vehicles. As is to be expected, if you are spending several days traveling from one oasis to the next, you won’t be staying in 4 and/or 5 star hotels. Instead, you will be staying in lodges and camps, but you can be sure that your stays will be as comfortable as ever.

Sahara Desert safaris are a great opportunity for visitors to experience local Bedouin culture and traditions. They also allow you a perfect opportunity to experience the sort of serenity that only deserts can provide. Many people are also amazed by the abundance of ancient relics and ruins that are scattered throughout the Sahara. Our desert tours allow you to see as many of them as possible while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the splendor of the world’s mightiest desert.

Red Sea Snorkeling and SCUBA Diving Holidays

Several of our Egypt holidays from Australia include some time on the Red Sea coast at Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. Many people travel to Egypt from Australia just so they can relax and unwind on the Red Sea coast. The area is famous for its beautifully clean and sandy beaches, and the crystal clear turquoise-colored water.

While many visitors just want to enjoy lazy days on the beach and/or fun-filled nights out on the town, there are just as many who visit for a very different reason. Egypt’s Red Sea coast has an abundance of coral reefs and it is home to some of the world’s best dive sites. SCUBA divers come from all over the world to see this breathtaking underwater paradise and to explore sunken shipwrecks teaming with aquatic life.

As is the case with all our other tours, our snorkeling and SCUBA diving trips are of the highest quality. All necessary equipment is provided, and all trips are undertaken on modern fully equipped boats. Lunches, bottled water and soft drinks are typically also included on board the boats. All dives are supervised and guided by fully certified SCUBA diving guides.

Explore the Best of Ancient Egypt when Visiting Egypt from Australia

No matter which one of our Egypt tours from Australia you choose, you can be sure that you will see so many of Egypt’s most famous and most cherished ancient sites. From the famous Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx in Cairo, to the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, our tours have everything you could possibly hope for and more. And, with our friendly and professional Egyptologist guides right by your side, your tours and excursions will be more rewarding and more memorable than ever.

Egypt Tours Packages from Australia

As everyone knows, 2020 got off to a bumpy start, but sometimes this can also be good news for travelers who are looking for outstanding bargains. Make this year extra special with one of our high quality tour packages from Australia. Remember, even if you do not find exactly what you are looking for, we can work with you to create your own fully customized Egypt tour. Book one of our classic Egypt tours from Australia today or contact us now and let us help you to make your dream holiday a reality.